How to Choose a Winning Domain Name: Essential Tips for Success

How to Choose a Winning Domain Name: Essential Tips for Success


Almost all entrepreneurs think of a domain name only as an address for websites. But we at BrandIP help to choose the best and a distinct name!

Consequently, there are numerous factors one should consider when brainstorming domain name ideas. Below, are a quick rundown of  tips for choosing a unique and easy to remember domain name.

Guess What ? These tips will enable you to nail one that’s smart and effective sticking to these simple guidelines.

1 . Be Brandable

Always remember your domain name is the face of your company, in the form of a URL. Therefore, you should ensure  it reflects as a brand. 

The Only Question is- How? The Answer is simple- with novelty and simplicity.

Pro Tip- All Aspects such as inserting  numbers, hyphens, or anything else that makes it sound complicated must be avoided.

2. Make It Pronounceable

This tip is closely linked  to our first bit of advice. Though users aren’t likely to be saying your domain name out loud, pronounceability still plays a major role. This is because of something called processing fluency which helps process the information with ease.

Names which don't let a person think hard are the easiest to remember, and also likely to inspire positive associations and  people  will remember your brand for ages.

One of the great investors behind tech giants like, Launch Festival and Uber quotes “If you have to spell it over the phone, you’ve lost.

When it’s too hard to figure out, all of that potential traffic is lost. Majority of people will give up searching for your brand’s site quickly.

It's a Simple Lesson-Make it easy for your potential buyers to find you!

 3. Keep It Short, Remember Not Too Short!

Agreed, a short name is more effective and memorable, but going way too short can have the opposite effect. 

The key here is to strike a balance. always make use of something brief, but don’t mingle the name by hacking off the words.

Just to finish it off quickly, many make use of their respective domain names. It’s wise to use that if your product or brand is often referred to by the initials.

 4. Go After .com

Being unique isn’t always better, especially when it comes to extensions. Though extensions like .me or pro may feel eye-catching, .com is still in the league and above all the easiest to remember and most often used. In fact, the majority of all websites use a .com extension.

If you can’t get the .com , opt for others - like .co or .net or .org. keep the plan of acquiring .com for the future . Also it's better to check who has the ownership of .com. If a famous brand already owns, ,it is difficult to buy one, but not impossible though if you make a mega bucks.

5. Avoid trademark Infringement & Confusion

Domain names which are ideal are distinct. They are not confusing with the other site names or brands.

It’s quite evident -if people can confuse your name with another brand, so can search engines. Picking a name that’s too similar to another business can lead to your name’s search engine results being junked with irrelevant links.

6. Try To Make Intuitive Instantly

The ideal domain is true that the ideal name provides users a good idea of what your business is all about. Right off the bat-A potential customer can make a good guess as to what they will find at that site but remember your domain name should have a similar impact.

Brownie points are earned when people try to understand your site’s concept only from the domain name, because it's surely going to be glued in their minds.

Gave your efforts by implementing all the tips above, but ended up with a domain name that’s unavailable? But don’t hear, you can modify it a little to make it unique for registration.


No matter  whether it's a start-up or a flourished business, all you need is your brand name to be remembered, hence always having a domain name which is short and creates an impact.