Logo Trademarking: Why You Need To Be Protecting Your Brand

Logo Trademarking: Why You Need To Be Protecting Your Brand


 Table of content

  • What is a logo in simple terms?
  • Logo is valuable
  • Trademarks Adds Dependability
  • Trademarks offer liberty
  • No more logo robbery
  • Steps To Register A Trademark
  • Hunt for similar logos
  • Make your search professional
  • Access & Complete the form
  • Final Insights

Since logo changes more often than name, it makes more sense to register a standard character mark which protects your innovation. Logo  is basically  any design used by a company  or a person to promote its business endeavors.

 What is a logo in simple terms?

 Logos can be stylized words, images or a combination of these elements.

 Let’s  move on to the reasons why the logo needs to be trademarked, and a few steps to register.

 1. Logo is valuable 

Logos are one of the most valuable assets any company can  have. Guess what? In an instant customers can identify a good logo. They recognize the logos of their favorite brands and can utilize  them to guide their purchase decisions. Having said that,  logos deserve to be protected with all its innovations and creativity intact.

2. Trademarks Adds Dependability

Trademark notifies the public, your logo is your own original work and you own it completely. This turns out to make your brand prestigious.

3. Trademarks offer liberty

 You can use it any way you wish, but remember once you trademark it.

4. No more logo robbery

 Did you know? without having a trademarked logo  any business can use your logo as their brand.  Hence a trademarked logo is illegal. As like locked doors deter burglars, similarly trademarks can deter deceitful companies from stealing your logo.

Steps To Register A Trademark

Hunt for similar logos-  

Always remember, only original logos receive trademarks. Search logos on- Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). If found similar logos, tweak in your own so that your business may stand out distinct amongst all other applications.

Make your search professional

Definitely a  personal search is a good beginning. For the desired results hire a trademark attorney or a search company. Both can perform the search -But an attorney can  define the search criteria and scrutinize them.

Access & Complete the form

 The application form is located in the trademarks section of the patent and trademark website, you can complete the application by downloading the form as a PDF to complete later or submit by filling it online.

Final Insights

No more delays! apply for patents, copyright trademarks, today!. Begin with a national protection, then move on to international protection as your business enhances. Don't overlook them as social media hashtags while protecting them.