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Select your preferred branding type from options such as budget-friendly basic plans, cost-saving combo plans, or additional services.

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Provide a brief description of your business, its purpose, and your target audience.

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Pricing Packages


Branding on a Budget


  • If you're on a tight budget but still want a suitable domain name, this plan is for you. 
  • Basic Support.


Branding with basic validations


  • Obtain your desired domain name with basic validation services using this package. 
  • Advance Support.


Expert services with full validations


  • Our most popular plan lets you work with our experts and comes with full verification services. 
  • Priority Support.


A full agency experience without the exorbitant price tag


  •  Make your domain hunt a luxury experience with our premium package, minus the premium price tag. . 
  • Enjoy 24/7 support with a minimum response time.

Buying a Domain Name from Brandip Marketplace

When you purchase a domain from our domain marketplace, you will receive the domain name along with a precisely matched .com URL, and a free trademark report will be added to your account.

Our domain transfer experts will contact you shortly after your domain purchase, typically on the same business day. In most cases, we initiate the transfer to your chosen registrar, and it's usually added to your account within one business day after we confirm the transfer details with you.

If you choose to buy a domain on a payment plan, it will be held in an escrow account until it is fully paid. Nevertheless, our team can assist you with any domain modifications, allowing you to start using the domain immediately after making the first installment payment.

Why Should you register your Domain?

Many additional features come standard with any domain name registration, including: 

Email addresses within your domain can be automatically forwarded to any other valid email address.

Throughout your domain name registration, you will have complete control over the DNS.

Protection from unauthorized transfer or access.

I capitalized "You" for proper noun use, and I bulleted the list for clarity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely it is! Our experts use encrypted free SSL protection for your website, which prevents unauthorized transfer or access.

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